Want to lower your HR costs? Increase your retention rate? Attract top candidates to your open positions?

Diverse Staffing Talent and Industry Profile

Our Free Talent and Industry Profile Gets You Started

If you work in HR or manage employees in any way, you probably answered “yes” to those questions. But, there is a chance you aren’t sure how to go about doing that. Our free Talent and Industry Profile can help get you started lowering your costs and increasing your retention.

To help introduce you to the services that Diverse Staffing can provide, we’d like to provide you with a free talent and industry profile. What do you get with the Talent and Industry Profile? Here are just some of the highlights:

  • 360 Degree snapshot of your industry’s local talent pool
  • Turn-over and retention trends
  • Pay rate and comp analysis for key positions
  • Workforce analysis for your business

Our Talent and Industry Profile is compiled by our workforce and labor analysis and completely customized to your business and your needs. After we perform the analysis, we’ll schedule a meeting with you to help plan out your next steps.

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The Talent and Industry Profile is free for every company and provides key information about your specific talent pool and industry. By taking advantage of our free Talent and Industry Profile you can gain valuable insights into:

  • Lowering costs

  • Increasing productivity

  • Reducing turnover rates

  • Better engage your employees

Diverse Staffing strives to help clients find the right people to successfully carry out plans and effectively manage processes. We continuously work to innovate and improve our staffing processes to target, qualify, and engage top talent.